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Our blog welcomes statements and comments in About that seem most clearly to address the goals of VOTF as enunciated.  Authors are expected to use language that is respectful and not offensive and not to engage in personal attacks. Comments may be edited due to limitations of space.  You may use initials or a screen name.


3 Responses to “We Welcome Your Opinions”

  1. Margaret A. Mooney Says:

    To the Editor:

    Headlines of the Advocate have been filled with news of the Bishop’s reaction to the proposed bill 1098. Even though the bill was withdrawn. thousands of Catholics continued their outrage and stormed the Capitol in Hartford to express their response for all to hear and read about.

    The question of the constitutionality of this bill has merit and I, like many other Catholics, welcome further study by our Attorney General. However, for many years there has been a corporate law in our state defining the fiscal responsibilities of the Roman Catholic Church. It states the the Bishop, the Pastor and a Trustee appointed by the Pastor have the responsibility for all financial matters in each parish. There has been no provision for the parishioners to have any say in where their money goes.

    My question is: Why weren’t the Bishops outraged during all these years before there was a bill 1098?

    Since Bill 1098 threatened the existing structure in which only the Bishop and priests had the “power of the purse”, and set forth the proposal that elected parishioners would have this power, the results were the shouts of constitutionality and the huge media blitz.

    As a committed Roman Catholic, I am appalled at some of the violent reactions that have erupted from some members of my Church and at the news of “death threats” toward Senator McDonald who had no intention of harming the Church or its members.

    It is my hope that this experience will not further divide the Church between those who are against change and those who believe in a stronger voice for the laity within the Church.

    Margaret A. Mooney

  2. Tony Wiggins, Wilton, CT Says:

    The recent abuse scandals in Ireland,Germany, and Austria have pointed out the real scandal, which was uncovered first in the U.S. – The scandal of abuse of power by our bishops. Further, it has emphasized the need for a change in the structure of our church. One structure change should certainly be ELECTION of bishops by synods of priests and laity, with bishops in attendance.

    Tony Wiggins
    Wilton, CT

  3. Tony Wiggins Says:

    Was impressed by John M. Lee’s excellent sysnopsis on July 24, 2010 of the history and causes of the priest abuse scandal as well the power abuse scandal going on in the Bridgeport Catholic Diocese. It is factual and to the point.

    Tony Wiggins

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